Mablab.net is a creative blog born from my long-lasting passion for everything visual. Here I share what I’ve learnt through the years in the realm of graphic design and also a bit of my personal madness through illustrating the daily life of a clumsy little girl which I consider my alter ego. So if you are looking for a place where to improve your graphic design skills and have a genuine laugh, you are in the right place!

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real life illustration

My name is Mabel and I’ve always loved all things visual.

I grew up in the south of Italy with a passion for drawing. I spent most of my childhood watching episodes of “Art Attack” and trying to replicate what I saw on TV, inevitably ending with a horrible mess. When I got to the point to decide what to do in my life the answer was… draw! So, I decided to study architecture.

I moved to Rome (Italy) I passed the entrance exam, I met a bunch of great people (hello guys!!) and I spent what I consider now, some of the best years of my life. During that period I had the opportunity to discover a whole new world of creativity. I soon became passionate about everything related to digital visualization and graphic design. I taught myself the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator through tons of hours of tutorial watched on Youtube and a great deal of real-life practice. Then, the graduation day my friends bought me my first Wacom tablet. In the following months, that gift revealed to be a game changer…

Meanwhile, I moved to London. I started experiencing what life after university looked like (not always as great as you could expect..). In my spare time, though, when I was particularly down, I started to practice with that tablet. Those moments I reserved for myself to practice had become moments of joy.

This was the time when I started to share on my Instagram account my thoughts and daily life moments through illustrating a little clumsy girl which, most of all, helped me to look at some situations with a positive attitude. “Mab Doing Things” took off. You can now follow her on my Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Alongside this, I continued to cultivate my passion for digital art and graphic design. 

While, finally, moving away from a detested job to a new one that offered me more sense of purpose and peace of mind (I still work full time while running this blog) the seed of a new idea was growing, over time. Create a creative blog where to combine graphic design and the illustration world. A space for all those passionate about digital design techniques who love to have a genuine laugh.

That’s the story of how MabLab.net is born, a blog that can be at the same time educational, useful, beautiful to experience and fun.