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How to create a rose gold glitter texture in Photoshop

Hi guys!

Welcome back to MabLab for a new quick and easy tutorial.

Following the last rose gold themed tutorial, this time we’ll learn how to create a rose gold glitter texture in Photoshop.

Let’s watch the tutorial! More details and step by step are just below the video.

You don’t have time to follow all the steps and create your own glitter texture in Photoshop?!?! Not a prob! You can download my free collection of metallic foils!!

On the link here below you’ll find a bundle of 15 textures. You can choose among gold, silver and rose gold textures, all of them at a resolution of 300 dpi. They are all available to download for free!!!

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The main steps I followed in the tutorial to create my rose gold glitter texture in Photoshop are here below.

1. Choose your foreground and background colors

After having created our new document (15×15 cm – resolution depending on the type of work), we are ready to choose the two colors we’ll work with. Foreground and background colors will be two shades of rose-peach. They’re the same we’ve used int he previous tutorial. If you want to use exactly the same ones I used, you’ll find the codes in the video.


2. Mix the two colors together

To accomplish this, we can use the clouds filter, which will randomly mix the foreground and background colors together.

filter > render > clouds


3. Use the filters

We need to soften the contrast between the two colors. For this purpose, we’ll use two different filters.

1. filter > noise > median > radius 30 pixels

2. filter > blur > gaussian blur > radius 34 pixels

Now, we need to start giving our texture a metallic feel.

3. filter > filter gallery > distort > ocean ripple > ripple size 5, ripple magnitude 20


4. Duplicate your layer

We can also rename the two layers we’ve got in order to distinguish them. For ease, I named them 1 and 2. We will work on these two layers differently.


5. Use the filters on the new layer (layer 2)

That’s when we actually start seeing our glitter texture come to life. To do this we need, again, to use filters.

4. filter > noise > add noise > amount 43%, uniform distribution, monochromatic

5. filter > pixelate > facet


6. Bring the original layer on top, convert it to B&W, make final adjustments

To add that sparkle and shininess which are still missing, we can still use our original layer (layer 1).

We can bring layer 1 on top of everything and we can convert it to black and white (image > adjustments > black & white).

Then, We can change layer 1 blending mode. My favourite mode is “Soft Light” but you can find your personal favourite.

If we want to enhance the glitter texture even more, we can adjust the layer 1 levels by hitting cmd+L (or ctrl+L from PC).




Now you can use your gold rose glitter texture for your designs and create your own version of it.


Hope you found this post useful! I would be thrilled to hear your technique, so if you have any suggestion just type it in the comments here below!


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Posted on 16/07/2018

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