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How to create rose gold text

how to create rose gold text in photoshop

Hi community!

I’m back with the new project of the month!

Following my post on how to create a rose gold texture in Photoshop, some of you asked how to create a rose gold text, so I decided to make a quick tutorial out of it!

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rose gold foil wedding invitation

From business cards to wedding invitations, rose gold nowadays is pretty much everywhere! So it’s not difficult to find a real-life application for the technique I’m gonna show you. Rose gold text is elegant, classy, sophisticated. Everyone at some points in their life indulges in a rose gold detail, even just an innocent necklace or a ring. If you are curious to know more about this recent and apparently lasting trend, read this article I found on the BBC website. They explain where it all originated from and why it’s still so popular.

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rose gold foil business card

If you are reading this post, and you like everything rose gold, well, you are in good company cause I LOVE rose gold in all its applications, that’s why this tutorial!

So let’s have a look at how to apply a rose gold texture to texts in this super quick and easy tutorial. Make sure to watch it until the end for the bloopers!

Here below a step by step description to create your rose gold text.

1. Create a new artwork and choose a background colour

Create a new document in Photoshop, set the dimensions you need and choose a colour which makes a nice contrast with rose gold. In the tutorial, I use a mid-grey but also white, black or light-beige work well.


2. Type the text

You can now type in your text. It can be your business name, your logo, your initials, anything! At this stage, you also choose the font. Depending on the nature of your artwork, the font may vary. However, I personally associate rose gold with feminine designs, so I would associate it with an italic elegant font.

In the tutorial, I use the Holland font, which, as the author describes it, is a classy signature font. I’ve been using this font A LOT! I just love it. I used it for my Youtube videos thumbnails and for some custom image I created for the blog. It just matches my brand perfectly! I had the chance to download it for free from the Creative Market Platform as part of their Monday freebies. I’m subscribed to the platform and as a reward, I get a newsletter every Monday containing 6 of their resources available to download for free. The offer usually starts on Monday and lasts the entire week and it’s just a great way to collect great resources on a budget! I would highly recommend purchasing the font as it’s a good quality italic elegant font!


3. Open the rose gold texture and duplicate it into the main artwork

Once you’re happy with the size and position of your text within the artwork, it’s time to import the metallic texture.

Open the rose gold metallic texture and duplicate it into the main artwork as shown in the tutorial.

If you haven’t got any metallic texture with you, don’t worry! Here at we’ve got you covered! Just hit the button here to download your free bundle containing 15 metallic textures in silver, gold and rose gold shades.


Downloaded it? Great! We are ready to move to the next step.


4. Re-size the texture to cover the text and select everything is not text

We’re almost there, just one final step.

Re-size the texture in order to cover the whole text.

Now, hide the texture layer and select the text layer. From this layer, select everything is not text using the Magic Wand Tool.

Then, unhide and select the texture layer again and hit the delete button. By doing this you’ve just created your rose gold text!


This is a quick and easy technique to create a rose gold text with the only downside it cannot be amended. If you don’t like the final result you need to start the whole process again. You can make a couple of attempts, though, with a couple of different fonts and see what you like more. I’m also planning to update soon this post with a more flexible and adaptable technique, so stay tuned!


Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post useful! I would be thrilled to hear your technique on this topic, so if you have any suggestion just type it in the comments here below!


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Posted on 25/09/2017

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