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How to create a rose gold texture in Photoshop

Hello MabLab community!

As promised, I’m here with a super easy and exciting new tutorial on how to create a rose gold texture in Photoshop.

I usually spend a lot of time on Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspirations and I realized that I really like artworks where a metallic effect is involved.

I’ve seen several tutorials on Youtube on how to realize this effect with an actual metallic foil and a thermal laminator. Sooner or later I’ll try it myself as I think it’s super cool. For the time being, I don’t have the right tools to do it myself. But….

I have Photoshop!

So….I made this tutorial on how to reproduce a metallic texture in Photoshop.


Let’s watch this tutorial!!!

If you are in a rush and you don’t have time to create your own texture, you can download for free my collection of metallic foils!!

If you click on the link here below you will be able to download a bundle of 15 textures. You can choose among gold, silver and rose gold textures.

It’s just one click away!


If you want to know more about how to create a rose gold texture in Photoshop, here below there is a brief excerpt of the main things to know.

Choose your foreground and background colors

In this tutorial, we are going to create a rose gold texture. So our foreground color will be a rose-peach shade and for our background color, we simply need to go one shade darker.


Work with filters

For the purpose of this tutorial, use of filters is key! Here below there is the chronological list of what I used.

1. filter > render > clouds

this first filter will use the two colors you have chosen to create a cloudy effect.

2. filter > noise > median

This filter will soften the contrast between darker and lighter areas, a variation of what a blur filter does.

3. filter > noise > add noise

This step will add a bit of roughness to our metallic foil. My recommendation here is to keep a small value and to leave gaussian and monochromatic checked.

Steps 2 and 3 are not mandatory but I think they add an extra bit of realism to our final result! 🙂

4. filter > filter gallery > brush strokes > sprayed strokes

With this first filter, we will start having a glimpse of what our final metallic foil will look like. You can experiment with settings. Here below the values I used:

stroke length: 2o

spray radius: 25

stroke direction: right diagonal

5. filter > filter gallery > distort > glass

Each step will take us closer to the final result. This filter will apply a frosted layer to our texture. Here below my settings:

distortion: 20

smoothness: 5

texture: frosted

scaling: 200%


Duplicate your layer

The first main phase is finished. Now, we need to add 2 super easy final touches that will make our rose gold texture stunning.

We need to duplicate our existing layer and rename the layers in order to distinguish them. For ease, I named them 1 and 2.


Apply a filter to the original layer (Layer 1)

We can follow the path below and apply the filter to layer 1.

filter > filter gallery > Bas Relief

Here below the settings I used:

detail: 13

smoothness: 1

light: right (this option will let you choose which is the brightest side of your texture)



Apply a filter to the duplicated layer (Layer 2)

We can follow the path below and apply the filter to layer 2.

filter > filter gallery > Chrome

Here below the settings I used:

detail: 7

smoothness: 0


Change blending mode + final adjustments

Place layer 2 above layer 1 if you haven’t done it already.

Change blending mode of layer 2. I selected vivid light but you can choose the one you like.

If you think the light is too hard, you can also adjust levels of layer 2 by pressing simultaneously cmd L (for mac) and ctrl L (for windows).


Great! Now you can create your own rose gold texture in Photoshop!! Have fun and try to experiment with other filters to find a result that you are happy with.

Next time we will talk about how to create rose gold glitter texture in Photoshop! Stay tuned!!!


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